Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Preparing for a New Sibling

Thanks MacKenzie for this week's question - do you have any tips for preparing a 2 year old for a new sibling. She's finally responding positively when we talk about it (as opposed to yelling No, no baby! when we bring up the idea like she did the first few months) but I'm still worried about those first few weeks of sharing mommy.

It is tough on everyone to have a new member added to the family. Everyone has to figure out where they fit all over again. I'd say you've already got a good start.

 Talking about it and the benefits it will bring to her, such as being the BIG SISTER. Reminding her of all the things the new baby will need to learn that her BIG SISTER already knows and can teach her.

Does your hospital have a program for siblings where they take a tour, see the nursery, and encourage the BIG SISTER to be Mommy and Daddy's helper?

One thing I have seen that works well is to be sure that when you come home with the new baby, BIG SISTER has a new doll to come home, too.  Set things up at home so she can do things like change her baby's diaper, bathe her baby, feed her baby, rock her baby just like Mommy.

She will adjust, but you should expect some reversion of behaviors. She will be more clingy at first because she needs to be assured that the new baby hasn't replaced her. If she has been sleeping through the night, she may begin to wake up again. If she is making potty training progress, she may revert to the point of needing diapers again. Don't make a big deal of these things, and they will soon pass.

It will be stressful, but then, have one child in the house has been to. Congratulations to all of you. Let me know if these ideas are useful!

If anyone else has good ideas that worked for them, add your comments.

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  1. Book list that helps preschoolers deal with the new feelings. http://lucysbookclub.org/page/topic-4-becoming-a-big-brother-or-big-sister