Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Explore the Mysteries of Heaven

Bostrom, Kathleen Long. Elena Kucharik, illustrator. What about Heaven? (Little Blessings Series) Tyndale House Publishers.

Hardcover. 2/26/2000. 80 pages. List price $9.99. ISBN-10: 0842373535. ISBN-13: 978-084237531.

Paperback. 9/28/2012. 32 pages. List price $3.99. ISBN-10:1414375107. ISBN-13: 1414375106.

EBook. 11/1/2012. List price $3.99. ASIN B007V69BD8.

Stars: 5 - Outstanding       FYC- for Families with Young Children

What about Heaven tackles many of the questions children ask. Where is heaven? How will I find it? Who else will be there? Will everyone know who I am? What will I eat? What will I wear? What will I do? Is there room for animals? Will I get sick?

Bostrom acknowledges the questions are all acceptable ones and while there are some we will not understand the answers to until Jesus returns, the Bible has answers for the rest. Each answer she gives, she backs up with scripture references placed at the top of each page in small print. These references will help parents with follow-on questions and references for family devotions.

Kucharik’s illustrations support the content on each span of two pages. The pictures of multicultural children appeal to young children. They will appreciate the illustrations from other titles in the Little Blessings series. Some illustrations are repeated from other titles such as God Loves You! also written by Bostrom, and The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers written by Crystal Bowman.

This repetition of form assists children in making text to text connections (relating this book to others they have read), an critical reading skill.  The rhyming couplets, the font size, and the large amount of white space on each page makes this a good, you-read-to-me book for three through five year old children. First and second graders will enjoy the book as an I-read-to-you book.

What about Heaven? Is not only a beautiful book for young children and their parents, but will make an excellent addition to church and public libraries. It will also find a suitable place in early childhood classrooms and Sunday School rooms. What about Heaven? was nominated for the People’s Choice Award.

Dr. Bostrom is an accomplished author of numerous books for children and books for adults. She is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) with degrees from Princeton and McCormick Theological Seminaries. Elena Kucharik’s not only creates colorful and captivating illustrations for the Little Blessings line, but was the lead artist and developer for Care Bears. She also designs and illustrates for major corporations and publishers.

I received a complimentary paperback copy of this book from the Tyndale Blog Network for my unbiased review.

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