Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Overview of Historical Theorists Part 5

Magda Gerber - Interactive Theory

  • Infants need consistency and a sense of permanence
  • Babies and young children need to be in the smallest groups possible
  • Infants must be handled with respect and appreciation for who they are and what they want and need
  • Observe babies during uninterrupted play and exploration
  • Interact during care giving routines (diapering and feeding) Talk! Talk! Talk!
  • Basic attitudes and patterns of living, loving, and learning are set in the first two years
Dr. T. Berry Brazelton
  • Touchpoints
    • A training model for professionals around key points in a young child's development.
    • Originally designed for medical professionals based on  years of his professional practice
    • The model has since been adopted by a broad variety of people who work with families including early  interventionists, social service 
    • The decision to adapt this model for child care was made because Dr. Brazelton recognized that the degree to which child care professionals work with families is different than that of other professionals
    • Child care professionals have a more detailed and intimate knowledge of the child.
    • They share with the parent many of the child's behaviors and observe the child's development on a day to day basis.
    • Touchpoints emphasizes
      • prevention through anticipatory guidance
      • good relationships between parents and providers.
      • In order for a child to obtain optimal development, there has to be a collaboration between the caregiver and the parent(s)
    • Touchpoints are predictable periods of disorganization in a child's development that interrupt family relations but can also provide an opportunity for connections
    • Developmental Framework
      • Development is characterized by regressions, bursts and pauses
      • Development is multidimensional
      • Bursts in one domain of development cause regression in other domains. These regressions are healthy and necessary for the development of the new skill
      • Regressions in a child's behavior creates disorganization for parents

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